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“That Sounds Like Jesus!” | The Gospel Understood | November Update/Album

“That sounds like Jesus!”this young Jewish student at Florida Atlantic University said, after my friend Sam read to her the entire chapter of Isaiah 53.  She then told Sam she did not believe the messiah would be God, so Sam read to her from Isaiah 9:6 that says: “For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.” She was amazed and excited to begin realizing that the MESSIAH HAS come! Sam got her information to follow up with her later – pray that the Lord will continue to open her eyes.
Above: My colleagues and I creating conversation at Florida International University. I’m on the right of the picture, talking to Dariel. Read the whole story about Dariel below!
Above: James prays with a student after talking with him.
Below: Evangeline points to a picture of the babies while making the case for life to these two students.

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The Power of Gentleness | October 2018

Last week, our team had just begun setting up signs outside of a local high school, preparing to talk to the students as they walked home from school. While setting up signs across the street from the bus’s exit, I heard three women behind my back (apparently bus drivers) talking among themselves about me.
“Who does she think she is, that she can bring this stuff [referring to pictures of the babies] here at a school for everyone to see?”
“She’s just here to show what kind of psychotic human being she is.”
They continued to chat back and forth. As I finished putting the signs up, I wondered about the best way to respond. I turned to cross the street as I looked up towards them and smiled, pretending that I had not heard a word they said. I greeted them and asked for their thoughts on abortion.
One woman named Tina, began defending abortion in the case of a baby being conceived in rape. I explained the logical conclusion of her position, and posed a question:
“The argument for aborti…

"This is wild. I learned a lot today." - Minds are Being Changed!

Coretzstood motionless not 10 feet from me. It was not his presence that was notable, but rather his countenance: stopped dead in his tracks; eyes filled with horror, unbelief, and pity; jaw dropped; staring. Staring at our JumboTron TV screen that showed a late-term baby being decapitated during an abortion. He glanced around him as apathetic people walked on past, with a look on his face that asked if this could be real. 
I was conducting outreach on the campus of the University of Toledo, OH, along with the rest of the Created Equal team.

I introduced myself and asked him if he thought abortion was ever OK. Cortez had seen the horror of abortion and his heart was beginning to be appropriately softened towards the plight of the preborn. However, he said that abortion was OK if the baby would be raised in poverty. He claimed that bringing a child into an unstable financial environment was worse than having that same child killed by abortion.
As I pointed to a sign next to us of an 8-wee…

One More OH Abortion Facility Shut Down, One Planned Parenthood Kicked out of Indiana!

The last couple of months have been exciting for the team here at Created Equal.
First; Founders, a surgical abortion facility in OH shut down!
Now Founders are suing their new rivals, Your Choice” - a medical abortion facility, that is being operated by Founders old staff. Since medical abortions can only happen up to 9.6 weeks, 
Your Choice can no longer offer about 19% of abortions that Founders used to, so a few more babies are being spared a cruel death! The lawsuit that is happening between these two businesses proves what really matters to their industry: money-blood money. 
For every baby that is killed, that’s one too many, but we thank God for this small victory in the battle.
Secondly; The only Planned Parenthood in Fort Wayne, Indiana was shut down! Created Equal has been working to expose this center for enabling abortions, and after a stark drop in their customer base, they closed and accused Created Equal of “harassment and intimidation” – which is, of course, Planned Parenth…

The Sovereignty of God, and Our Responsibility

A couple weeks ago I went canoeing with a group of believers from a friend’s church. (above picture) My canoe tipped, floated downstream, and got caught in tree brush. My canoe partner Anna and I drifted downstream towards the stuck and capsizing canoe. Anna found a log to stand on and an overhead branch to hold, before pulling me out from under the canoe where the current was keeping me, saving my life.
Every time I think of this incident, I see the Lord’s providential protection of me that day. For example: anyone other than Anna could have been with me who was not capable of pulling me out against the current; if we would have tipped any closer to the tree brush, Anna may not have had time to grab hold of the branch to keep herself from going under along with me.  Praise the Lord for His kindness and protection! I had not often thought of every breath as a gift from God (Acts 17:25) until I almost didn’t take another one. God is so good! Even if the story was different, and God had …

The Voice of a Raging Lunatic

“I can’t say I’ve never thought about quitting this work. I think about going home to be with my family. But there’s always this voice in the back of my head, and it’s no still small voice. This thing is a raging lunatic – and it says: 
‘You coward. COWARD. You want to go live in peace, while babies are being ripped apart limb from limb?’” - Sam Riley

The Justice Ride was ending. Tears came to my eyes as I listened to my friend Sam give the most convicting call to action I’d ever heard from a pro-life speaker. (quote above)

I thought about the 40 students in the room. In a year from now how many of them will still be burdened for the plight of babies scheduled to be brutally ripped apart inside their mother’s womb? 

As the good Samaritan showed mercy to the beating victim in Luke 10, I pray that our students and all believers in Christ will seek to follow the command “Go and do likewise” (Luke 10:37) by showing mercy to and speaking up for our preborn neighbors.

Our summer interns are now …

A Mind Changed In 12 Minutes... What Happened?

When you put this [abortion] in perspective and show me pictures, I question whether or not it’s ok… but still think a woman has a choice."  *12 minutes later*
“I agree. That’s gruesome. You changed my mind on abortion!” – Autumn I want to share a couple stories with you from our last week on the Spring Road Trip For Life.
1)I talked with Autumn at Western Kentucky University, (see above quote) who originally thought abortion was ok, but began to question her view just by seeing a picture of what abortion does to a baby. By the end of the conversation, after asking a few questions on her position, she realized that any position in support of abortion is indefensible, so she changed her mind, and asked how to take action about this injustice!
2)A young man, “V.” approached me on campus and after talking about the problem of abortion for a while, he told me about his friend Jasmine. Just that previous week Jasmine found out that she is pregnant. I grabbed our information for you…