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“I can’t say I’ve never thought about quitting this work. I think about going home to be with my family. But there’s always this voice in the back of my head, and it’s no still small voice. This thing is a raging lunatic – saying: 
‘You coward. COWARD. You want to go live in peace, while babies are being ripped apart limb from limb?’” - Sam Riley

The Justice Ride was ending. Tears came to my eyes as I listened to my friend Sam give the most convicting call to action I’d ever heard from a pro-life speaker. (quote above)

I thought about the 40 students in the room. In a year from now how many of them will still be burdened for the plight of babies scheduled to be brutally ripped apart inside their mother’s womb? 

As the good Samaritan showed mercy to the beating victim in Luke 10, I pray that our students and all believers in Christ will seek to follow the command “Go and do likewise” (Luke 10:37) by showing mercy to and speaking up for our preborn neighbors.

Our summer interns are now here!…
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A Mind Changed In 12 Minutes... What Happened?

When you put this [abortion] in perspective and show me pictures, I question whether or not it’s ok… but still think a woman has a choice."  *12 minutes later*
“I agree. That’s gruesome. You changed my mind on abortion!” – Autumn I want to share a couple stories with you from our last week on the Spring Road Trip For Life.
1)I talked with Autumn at Western Kentucky University, (see above quote) who originally thought abortion was ok, but began to question her view just by seeing a picture of what abortion does to a baby. By the end of the conversation, after asking a few questions on her position, she realized that any position in support of abortion is indefensible, so she changed her mind, and asked how to take action about this injustice!
2)A young man, “V.” approached me on campus and after talking about the problem of abortion for a while, he told me about his friend Jasmine. Just that previous week Jasmine found out that she is pregnant. I grabbed our information for you…

“After thinking more about what you said, I prayed and asked God’s forgiveness for my sins…” - Daniella

_________________________________________________________________ The last month I have been on our Spring Road Trip For Life, travelling to colleges, high schools, and abortion facilities throughout the Midwest. One of my favorite conversations was about two hours long with a man named Asar at Western Michigan University. We chatted about abortion for a while before it became clear to me that he held an atheistic worldview. He mentioned that he did not believe his life had value, so I took the opportunity to share my faith with him.

“I’m a Christian, and I know that your life DOES have value, not just because I value you as a human, but because your Creator made you in His image, and He gives you value.”
I went on to explain the Gospel to him, and how all men are lost and condemned apart from the redemption that comes through Christ. We talked about the problems with his worldview that only a Christian worldview makes sense of, for example the atheist has no explanation for knowing tha…

“The arguments you made cut straight to my heart...I’ve been affected by this.” - Touching Hearts and Changing Minds on the Spring Justice Ride!

“The arguments you made cut straight to my heart... ...I’ve been affected by this.” –Aaron, UF StudentLast week Created Equal’s Justice Ride arrived back from a week of training and outreaches at major universities throughout Florida.

I really enjoy doing some of the administrative planning work for the Justice Ride, and am always blessed to see the fruit of our work during outreach. As a staff member on the trip, my role during outreach shifts from one of primarily creating conversations, to overseeing our Riders in their outreach, and helping them in their conversations with passersby. At one point during the middle of the day on Wednesday at the University of Florida, (UF) I took a step back from everything and called to my colleague Seth: 

“Hey Seth, just look around for a minute. Is this not awesome?!”
What was I calling his attention to?
As we scanned the outreach site, all of our Justice Riders, one after another, were in conversation with UF students. 
I saw one student scratch hi…

"That's a baby!" "Wow... This is real?" Abortion Speaks Against Itself

"Pro-Life Youth Share Horror Stories" - Our Time in Washington

Hey! It's Rachel again. Of course, you already knew that because I'm the only one writing this blog. Once every month I'll share an update that's more formal, but as I can, I'll also write whatever has been happening or something that is on my mind. 
If you read these regularly, you can tell what is a regular update and what is a informal post. This is the latter. 

Last week I talked to a friend who wanted to know how our week in Washington was. I didn't know where to start. 
Then I read a great article (click on the title below) that shared stories from myself and 5 of my colleagues:
A ‘male feminist called me a piece of s***’: pro-life youth share horror stories from Women’s March“The feminists I saw … both male and female, rejected both of the virtues belonging to their respective sexes,” he said. “I saw women yelling shrilly at others, calling them nasty names and one even [attempted] to sexually assault my colleague. [I saw] women who had no respect for others…

“I TRIED to change her mind, but it was YOU who did!” A Young Mother Chooses Life!

“I TRIED to change her mind, but it was YOU who did!”

On Friday, January 5th, my colleagues and I were at the local abortion facilities in Columbus, reaching the women going inside. It was a painfully cold morning! At “Founders Women’s Health Center,” one of Columbus’s two surgical abortion facilities, a couple of ladies pulled in the parking lot.
They did not get out of the car, but sat in their vehicle - apparently getting ready to head inside the facility where one precious preborn child would be violently torn apart in her mother’s womb, never leaving there alive.
My colleague and friend Joseph, our Operations Officer, began talking to the young girl in the passenger seat. The ladies opened the doors of the car to hear Joseph better, even though the weather was so cold. 
Joseph began to appeal to her for the life of her preborn child – telling her about the beauty of the life inside of her, how the abortionist’s forceps would end this innocent life, offering hope that it was not too l…