Baby Saved from Abortion: (VIDEO)

Created Equal's newest short film shows Daneshia's entire story from when we first met at the abortion facility back in March, till after the birth of this precious baby boy.
Watch here: "Daneshia's Story: "How My Baby Was Rescued From Abortion"

Read about an atheist who told me:
“You can just kill your baby inside of you cause it’s not born.” 

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Over 1,300 people that we know of have changed their minds on abortion this year during our outreach conversations!
Praise the Lord with me for His goodness, mercy, and grace!

Over 1,300 Minds Changed In 2019: Our Awesome God At Work

- I BECAME AN AUNT!(top left photo) My little nephew is due to arrive February 20th, and I couldn’t be more excited to meet him. Praise the Lord for His goodness! I know my brother Daniel & his wife Hannah are already great parents! 

- A few short week’s ago while Ava and I were outside of Planned Parenthood, we met a young mother considering abortion. A couple days later she told me she decided to keep her baby instead of having an abortion! (top right photo) Keep “Mama L”* in your prayers as she’s in a really rough situation. *name redacted for safety/privacy concerns. 

-God continues to grow and bless our team (bottom left photo) and let us see some fruit from this work. Over 1,300 people have changed their minds on abortion during our 340-some outreaches in 2019! 

-God said yes to my prayer that I would hold a baby who’s life was spared from abortion through my ministry. (bottom right photo) We’ve been able to bless this little guy’s family with many practical ne…

Giving Thanks! (Special Edition)

Left – Right, Top – Bottom: 1) Sharing the gospel with Shai, a professing atheist. (this story is below) 2) Isaac, our newest full-time team member, debating 3 students at the University of Georgia.  3) Our “Vote Anti-Abortion” banner flying over the Planned Parenthood mega-center in Houston, TX before the democratic debates. 4) Praying with Jacob for the life of his baby who was scheduled to be killed this fall. I still don’t know what happened in this situation. 5) Evangeline (or Vannie) defends human equality to two ladies at Kennesaw State University. Vannie is only 19 but is full of zeal for the Lord and defending His pre-born children. 6) Our Justice Rider Brody looks over our brochure with a college student while discussing abortion. 7) Our volunteer Abe discusses the morality of abortion with several high school students leaving school. 8 Our outreach in Dallas, TX creating conversations about abortion, and opening many eyes to the truth. -----------------------------------------------…

Divine Appointments

Having worked with Created Equal defending the lives of preborn babies for almost 4 years now, I have often caught myself thinking about the “gift of life” as something that we get once when we’re born. I came across this verse in Psalms a while back, and was reminded that much like eternal life in Christ, every moment of life is a gift: 

Psalms 3:5 “I lie down and sleep; I wake again, because the LORD sustains me.” 

During outreach, it can be easy for me to just respond to pro-abortion arguments and/or atheistic arguments simply with logic, presenting the facts in a concise way. Something that God has been teaching me this year is to look past the arguments and towards the heart of the person with whom I’m speaking. One of the ways I’ve done this is to ask investigative questions.  
In the second photo above, I’m talking with Aaron, a student at the University of Texas, Dallas. Aaron had joined a group of protesters (topmost photo) and later he began talking with me. Something stood out…

It's A Boy! Welcoming a Baby Spared from Abortion

It was only back in March when Austin and I met Daneshia. (previously we used the alias “Dakota” for privacy, but she gave permission to use her real name) She cancelled her abortion appointment, walked with me to the pregnancy resource center, and a couple days later told me she was keeping the baby. Two weeks ago, we took her shopping for baby supplies with the money several gave specifically to help her with this little one.  
Daneshia was due on 10/15 but in the early morning on 9/15/19 her water broke. A few hours later baby Dreden was born! One month early, he weighed 7lbs. 3oz. and was 19” long. Austin and I just met little Dreden at the hospital. I wish you could have been there! He has a full head of soft, dark, curly hair, and is just perfect.  God is so good! I’ve prayed for several years that I would get to hold and meet a baby that God spared from abortion through our work. 
Today He said yes to that prayer and I am in tears.
God is using you, my support team, to make all of…

"Abortion Stains You” - Conversations with Abortion Minded Moms

“Last time we did this, we met Dakota,” * my friend Austin said this morning as we pulled out of our office, driving to a local abortion facility. (See P.S.)  We prayed together before arriving, and I told God that though we’re honored to serve Him in this way, we wish it was not necessary. Thirteen babies die in our city every day, and we try to talk to each of those babies’ parents every Friday morning. Today was especially encouraging because two moms who came considering abortion, left and headed to the local pregnancy resource center.
Then I met Abbie* who was just leaving her abortion consultation. She has 3 born children and was overwhelmed to find out that her 4th was on the way. I talked about ways that we can help her, and about the value and gift this little one is. I told her, “You have 3 children, you’ve seen their ultrasounds, so you know that this is a little human growing inside of you.” She nodded, agreeing, but said that she was going to decide [to abort or not] withi…

Lesbian Becomes Anti-Abortion: Sees Her Need For Christ

During this week’s Day of Action I met Winter. After talking a few minutes, she changed her mind on abortion - saying that she had never considered this from the baby’s view.

Winter began to tell me about herself. She loosely calls herself a Christian, is lesbian, and hopes that God will forgive her because of her good works. I asked if I could give her a “good person test,” and after going through 3 of the 10 commandments, she understood her guilt before God.
I shared the gospel with Winter and explained how our only hope of Salvation is through the finished work of Jesus Christ, not in ourselves. I described the transaction that took place in my life, the exchange of my sins for Christ’s Righteousness.

“Winter, has this transaction happened in your life?” I asked.

“No.” She said, troubled. “I walk on the outside [of Christianity]. I’ve been going to a local church but they’re too accepting of me. What you’re saying is making me think that maybe I should go somewhere where I’m uncomforta…