"I Can't Be Pro-Choice... I Cannot Support my Right to Choose Anymore."

"It was the MSU vs OSU game I was attending when I saw your graphic abortion truck driving passed me... I had an abortion a couple of months before that and in the crowd of people waiting to cross the street, I felt horrible. I haven't told anybody about the abortion. …It's too bad it has taken such a horrible picture to make me realize I can never ever do this again… The father dumped me after the abortion. I regret the fact I listened to him because he ended up not being there anyway. It is not just abortions. The big graphic was the worst for me though. Literally everywhere there is someone talking about their pregnancy or their baby and it's a constant battle on the inside. I was always pro-choice, but I didn't think I would ever personally have one [an abortion]. But I did, and it is the worst decision I ever made. I decided to finally contact you, because
I can't be pro-choice anymore... I cannot support my right to choose anymore. Why couldn't I hav…

Disrupting a Pro-Abortion Party

Our team just returned from the March for Life and the “Women’s March” in Washington D.C. This year the Women’s March was different in that people were engaging with us in dialogue! Sure, we were shouted down this year too, but not the entire time. A couple people even changed their minds on abortion being OK all the time! Some people that we shared the gospel with were receptive, one of which, I remember vividly.

Chris (above picture) was agnostic but also anti-abortion. I asked him about his foundation for human value, and he admitted that he had none. I didn’t have as much time as I would have liked to share the Gospel with Chris, but I know that the Lord is not limited by my ability. Pray with me that other Christians around Chris will speak the truth of the Gospel to him, and that he will see the inconsistency of his beliefs and recognize that our value comes only from our Creator.

As I was listening in on parts of the rally, I heard “ministers” and clergy “pray” and give religiou…

A Record Breaking Year

Last week in the Created Equal office I heard numbers and reports from 2018 and a vision for continuing on/reaching more people in 2019. Some of the reports were quite exciting to hear. None of us here at Created Equal are doing this work to see the fruit of our labor, but instead to be obedient to our Father in heaven. It’s common to plead with a woman outside of an abortion clinic, and then watch her turn away, and be hurried inside by a clinic escort, or to discuss abortion with a student who admits to you that they do not have a good argument for abortion but will support it anyway. However, when we DO see fruit from our labor, it is VERY encouraging, so I want to share some of that fruit from 2018 with you.
2018 Highlights: 337 Total Outreaches (exceeding 2017’s outreaches by 79) | 78 College Outreaches | 65 High School Outreaches | 12 Interns | 88 Justice Riders | 893 confirmed minds changed on abortion (this fall alone!) | 40 training sessions
(see video below of a baby spared…

“That Sounds Like Jesus!” | The Gospel Understood | November Update/Album

“That sounds like Jesus!”this young Jewish student at Florida Atlantic University said, after my friend Sam read to her the entire chapter of Isaiah 53.  She then told Sam she did not believe the messiah would be God, so Sam read to her from Isaiah 9:6 that says: “For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.” She was amazed and excited to begin realizing that the MESSIAH HAS come! Sam got her information to follow up with her later – pray that the Lord will continue to open her eyes.
Above: My colleagues and I creating conversation at Florida International University. I’m on the right of the picture, talking to Dariel. Read the whole story about Dariel below!
Above: James prays with a student after talking with him.
Below: Evangeline points to a picture of the babies while making the case for life to these two students.


The Power of Gentleness | October 2018

Last week, our team had just begun setting up signs outside of a local high school, preparing to talk to the students as they walked home from school. While setting up signs across the street from the bus’s exit, I heard three women behind my back (apparently bus drivers) talking among themselves about me.
“Who does she think she is, that she can bring this stuff [referring to pictures of the babies] here at a school for everyone to see?”
“She’s just here to show what kind of psychotic human being she is.”
They continued to chat back and forth. As I finished putting the signs up, I wondered about the best way to respond. I turned to cross the street as I looked up towards them and smiled, pretending that I had not heard a word they said. I greeted them and asked for their thoughts on abortion.
One woman named Tina, began defending abortion in the case of a baby being conceived in rape. I explained the logical conclusion of her position, and posed a question:
“The argument for aborti…

"This is wild. I learned a lot today." - Minds are Being Changed!

Coretzstood motionless not 10 feet from me. It was not his presence that was notable, but rather his countenance: stopped dead in his tracks; eyes filled with horror, unbelief, and pity; jaw dropped; staring. Staring at our JumboTron TV screen that showed a late-term baby being decapitated during an abortion. He glanced around him as apathetic people walked on past, with a look on his face that asked if this could be real. 
I was conducting outreach on the campus of the University of Toledo, OH, along with the rest of the Created Equal team.

I introduced myself and asked him if he thought abortion was ever OK. Cortez had seen the horror of abortion and his heart was beginning to be appropriately softened towards the plight of the preborn. However, he said that abortion was OK if the baby would be raised in poverty. He claimed that bringing a child into an unstable financial environment was worse than having that same child killed by abortion.
As I pointed to a sign next to us of an 8-wee…

One More OH Abortion Facility Shut Down, One Planned Parenthood Kicked out of Indiana!

The last couple of months have been exciting for the team here at Created Equal.
First; Founders, a surgical abortion facility in OH shut down!
Now Founders are suing their new rivals, Your Choice” - a medical abortion facility, that is being operated by Founders old staff. Since medical abortions can only happen up to 9.6 weeks, 
Your Choice can no longer offer about 19% of abortions that Founders used to, so a few more babies are being spared a cruel death! The lawsuit that is happening between these two businesses proves what really matters to their industry: money-blood money. 
For every baby that is killed, that’s one too many, but we thank God for this small victory in the battle.
Secondly; The only Planned Parenthood in Fort Wayne, Indiana was shut down! Created Equal has been working to expose this center for enabling abortions, and after a stark drop in their customer base, they closed and accused Created Equal of “harassment and intimidation” – which is, of course, Planned Parenth…