"The value of a life cannot be compared to any annual salary." - Recently Unemployed Christian

Today, I informed my manager that I am stepping down… I cannot work for a company that services Planned Parenthood. Your work makes a difference because I had no idea Stericycle serviced Planned Parenthood-- until Created Equal showed up to protest the company.[BELOW PHOTO]
I am Christian, and images of little frozen babies getting incinerated began flooding my mind. This is the highest-paying position I've had in the legal field, but the value of a life cannot be compared to any annual salary.” – Stericycle Employee 

Since 2016 Created Equal has been working to expose Stericycle, America’s largest medical waste hauler, and putting pressure on them to cease disposing of dead babies for the abortion industry. Why? Abortionist Renee Chelian once admitted the weak link of their industry: “We are all one incinerator away, one incineration company away from being closed.” So, we’ve been working to break that weak link. If we don’t persuade these medical waste companies to stop servicing …

Pregnant Women Have Two Heads - Science Deniers Turn Violent

During high school outreaches as students walk/drive home we ask the student’s thoughts on abortion. We hear many of the same responses we often hear: it’s a woman’s choice, it should be kept legal, it’s a right. Though at high schools more than any other place, we hear students say that they don’t know what they think, and they let us make the case against abortion: 1) It’s always wrong to intentionally kill an innocent human 2) Abortion intentionally kills innocent humans 3) Therefore, abortion is always wrong
Often, I’ll expound on either of the first two points, going into the details of embryology, biology, and absolute moral laws. High school outreaches have fast become a favorite outreach of many on the Created Equal team because we are more often received with an open mind and heart. This was not the case last week. Morgan and another high school student brought up every situation that they thought would justify abortion, but they continually had to deny science to do so. They mad…

Passage of the Heartbeat Bill and the Moral Myopia of the Left

On April 11th, 2019, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine signed into law a “Heartbeat Bill” that requires abortion facilities to use ultrasound equipment that can detect a preborn baby’s heartbeat as early as 6 weeks and bans all abortions of those babies with detectable heartbeats. In opposition, a democratic Rep. cited the historical oppression of African Americans and proposed an amendment that would exempt these moms, allowing their babies to be aborted. Created Equal’s president, Mark Harrington’s articulate response was impeccable:
“To reference owning humans as a defense of dismembering them is moral myopia. If it is wrong to own humans, it is also wrong to intentionally kill them.”
Thankfully that amendment failed, and this bill will still save African American babies. We know that this legislation is not enough, we need to end intentionally killing ANY and ALL innocent children, not just those with detectable heartbeats, but we are still celebrating because after this is battled in court…

The Best Text EVER... "I Have Decided to Keep the Baby."

On this year’s Justice Ride, March 2-9, we took a charter bus of 50+ students to FL, gave them training in pro-life apologetics, and brought them onto campuses to begin learning how to put their beliefs into action. My brother Joshua came on the Ride for the first time! It was SO good to spend the week with him. =) 
He along with many other first-time riders were way out of their comfort zone, but were making personal sacrifices to do what they knew was right. I love to watch our students grow in confidence, learn what it means to be a winsome apologist, give a reasoned defense,defend the faith, and actively engage our Godless culture. 
Also, the Lord allowed us to see some fruit of our work: 206 people -that we know of - changed their minds on abortion during those 5 days of outreach, and that’s only those who were humble enough to admit it! 
We also prayed outside of a Tampa abortion facility and offered help to the moms going inside. Because of our witness, a mom at the facility decid…

"I Can't Be Pro-Choice... I Cannot Support my Right to Choose Anymore."

"It was the MSU vs OSU game I was attending when I saw your graphic abortion truck driving passed me... I had an abortion a couple of months before that and in the crowd of people waiting to cross the street, I felt horrible. I haven't told anybody about the abortion. …It's too bad it has taken such a horrible picture to make me realize I can never ever do this again… The father dumped me after the abortion. I regret the fact I listened to him because he ended up not being there anyway. It is not just abortions. The big graphic was the worst for me though. Literally everywhere there is someone talking about their pregnancy or their baby and it's a constant battle on the inside. I was always pro-choice, but I didn't think I would ever personally have one [an abortion]. But I did, and it is the worst decision I ever made. I decided to finally contact you, because
I can't be pro-choice anymore... I cannot support my right to choose anymore. Why couldn't I hav…

Disrupting a Pro-Abortion Party

Our team just returned from the March for Life and the “Women’s March” in Washington D.C. This year the Women’s March was different in that people were engaging with us in dialogue! Sure, we were shouted down this year too, but not the entire time. A couple people even changed their minds on abortion being OK all the time! Some people that we shared the gospel with were receptive, one of which, I remember vividly.

Chris (above picture) was agnostic but also anti-abortion. I asked him about his foundation for human value, and he admitted that he had none. I didn’t have as much time as I would have liked to share the Gospel with Chris, but I know that the Lord is not limited by my ability. Pray with me that other Christians around Chris will speak the truth of the Gospel to him, and that he will see the inconsistency of his beliefs and recognize that our value comes only from our Creator.

As I was listening in on parts of the rally, I heard “ministers” and clergy “pray” and give religiou…

A Record Breaking Year

Last week in the Created Equal office I heard numbers and reports from 2018 and a vision for continuing on/reaching more people in 2019. Some of the reports were quite exciting to hear. None of us here at Created Equal are doing this work to see the fruit of our labor, but instead to be obedient to our Father in heaven. It’s common to plead with a woman outside of an abortion clinic, and then watch her turn away, and be hurried inside by a clinic escort, or to discuss abortion with a student who admits to you that they do not have a good argument for abortion but will support it anyway. However, when we DO see fruit from our labor, it is VERY encouraging, so I want to share some of that fruit from 2018 with you.
2018 Highlights: 337 Total Outreaches (exceeding 2017’s outreaches by 79) | 78 College Outreaches | 65 High School Outreaches | 12 Interns | 88 Justice Riders | 893 confirmed minds changed on abortion (this fall alone!) | 40 training sessions
(see video below of a baby spared…